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Friday, September 24, 2010

What About Trust?

Originally Published: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The most popular contraceptive brand in the Philippines is named after a very positive human trait - Trust. But why the name? Is it because of the dependability of the product? If it is about the quality of the merchandise, maybe it should be an adjective such as "trustworthy" or "dependable". Or the name is about the character of the consumer - or at least what they will develop using these devices? If so, to whom the trust will be directed? Who or what will be the object of their trust? Not the contraceptive, obviously; because in that case, it will be about the product and not about the consumer, and as already said, the name should be adjective. Now, if the brand refers to the trait of the end user (since there is nothing more to point to), may it be possible that the object or objects of this "trust" are the partners themselves? True, trust is essential in a relationship and there is no healthy relationship without mutual trust. But what does contraceptives have to do with the partners' reliance to each other? Will they someday say to each other, "Thanks to Trust condoms and pills, I developed my trust in you"? Contraception is about killing sperms and interfering with the course of nature, using the word "trust" in advocating these actions is not very trustworthy. It attempts to distort the true meaning of the word while diverting one's mind from the true mechanism of the action. Trust Condom? Silly name! It has no connection at all. 
Now, let's compromise since we have no other choice: Let us assume that the brand name Trust (inappropriate as it is) points out to the dependability of these inventions. The question is, "What is it dependable for?" What else should we assume, they are contraceptives! Meaning, the name claims to be worthy of confidence in terms of preventing conception. Are they? All official studies about contraceptives admit that there is no device or pill or method that is 100% reliant in terms of conception prevention except for abstinence. No sex, no conception. Simple! So, to claim one's trustworthiness by using the term "trust" in this regards is a very big LIE. Not trust but wariness is the attitude that everyone should face these deceptions with. What's more dangerous than unexpected pregnancy is the sexually transmitted disease that one may be infected with because of the false sense of security that these condoms give. Those who studied AIDS virus very well knew that these organisms are far more tiny than the sperm cells; that is 450 times smaller. And if sperms at times escape condoms, how much more probable would it be for HIV particles! Do these contraceptives companies warn the people about that? A very big NO! Why should they, it is their business! Putting your life in the risk is their means of living. Moreover, they claim to be protecting you while they are pushing you to death.

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