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Friday, September 24, 2010

Ang Tunay na Lalaki

Originally Posted: Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Ang tunay na lalaki, proteksyon ang binibigay, hindi sakit o di inaasahang pagbubuntis."

There's no sense in it. First of all, if you would watch the bedroom scene of the ads, you will see how ungentlemanly the guy is. The girl was soaked in the rain, but instead of standing up from the bed to help her dry her body, the man started to relish her "yumminess" while watching her wet body. How sweet! Where is the sense of manly protection? Maybe he is not giving her a disease but he doesn't care whether she will be sick.

Besides, why did Robin think that this guy might infect her if he will not use condoms? Does he want to imply that this guy (and all other guys) might have been unfaithful and might have incurred an infection from someone else? Where is the manliness there?

A true man knows how to master himself. Self-discipline is his protection against his "frenzy". If he doesn't have control over himself, and thus just resort to condom use, then he is like the man in a song that says, "Ako'y ibigin mo, lalaking matapang. Ang baril ko'y pito, ang sundang ko'y siyam."

Contraceptive ads are always ironic.

[Originally written as a comment for this article:]

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