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Friday, September 24, 2010

Frenzy - Sense of Responsibility?

Originally Published: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ironic and self-accusing is the brand name of what is popularly known as "the party condom." Contraceptive advocates always point out that sense of responsibility is what they want to inculcate in advertising such "anti-life" devices (thus the name), but they are being betrayed by their own deceit.

Is it not very stupid to associate the word "frenzy" to a product and a philosophy that introduce themselves as models of responsibility? How come that being wild, maniac, crazy, hysterical, frantic, and insane are being lined up along with being responsible? Isn't that ironic and brainless?

Well, is it just my misinterpretation of the term? Ok, if that's the case, the question is, "Is there any positive official - or even slang - meaning of this word that I missed to read?" If so, what is it? And if (just for the sake of argument) anyone presented a positive valid definition of the term, can he also justify the subtitle "party condom"? Is it really responsible to do any sexual act in a teen party or in any party? And has promiscuity anything to do with responsibility? Are they buddies? And wait, what about the battle cry, "When she's in the mood, you got to be good"? What's the relationship of being "good in sex" and the use of condom? Is it a psychological conditioner? Physically speaking, sex, by nature, is about union of the body - that is of the flesh. The more you become physical, the better it feels. Where is the logic and the truthfulness in attributing more sensual sex to using condoms? Do they enhance the sensitivity of the nerve ends? No one will think so!

In short, all these irony, insanity, and deceit are obviously related to the brand name "Frenzy", but not to what they claim to be responsibility and good sex.

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